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Online Store

Carlson Pet Hospital offers the convenience of Home Delivery, which provides competitive pricing, quality medications, coupled with the convenient “Remind-me” and AutoShip programs so your pet’s medications are delivered to your home, on time, just when you need it.     


 Prescription Drugs   /   Flea, Tick and Heartworm Preventatives   /    Chronic Medications   /    Nutrition Products   /   Specialty Pharmaceuticals


Three simple ways to enroll:

1) Online

2) Over the Phone (877) 738-4443

3) Come in and let us setup your orders in the clinic


     By purchasing through our online store, you are keeping your purchases through your Veterinarian. The benefit of this is that you are receiving 100% of the manafacturer's backing of the product! ..... By purchasing products from "other" online stores (1800PetMeds, ect...), most manufacturers DO NOT stand behind the product. This is because most of those products are obtained without the manufacture's knowledge or approval.    

    **** Please note that our online store offers "Remind Me" doses of certain flea & tick medication as well as some heartworm products. The "Remind Me" series is where you can purchases one month supply at a time (1 vial or 1 pill) and you are then put on a schedule to have it shipped out and billed every month so you "Never Forget" to give it/apply it.
    **** NOTICE: Sentinel is back in stock! Our online store has 6 packs and the convenient "Remind-me" doses now available. Interceptor is still on indefinite backorder, but there is a limited supply of the 51-100 pound size available in the "Remind-me" count only. 




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